Stamping kit


A special kit that we have developed that allows you take your pet's  paw print!

The process is simple, painless, neither dangerous nor dirty. Anyone can do it simply and quickly. Just follow the instructions for use.

You can save the paw print as is, in the kit, or you can send the kit to us, and we will make an accurate copy of the paw print, and create with it a design item that will commemorate a special and loving moment and will always remind you  your special connection with your pet.  


 *The kit can also be used to take a handprint from one of the family members.


Kit size
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    We are proud to present our new product line called Neverending, which aims to give physical and tangible expression to our relationship with our beloved pet, one that has been proven to be beneficial and meaningful over the years.

    The collection offers home decor products such as frames, racks, tiles and various accessories that are based on your pets paw print, which is taken using a special stamping kit.

    The products are suitable for anyone who loves and cherishes their pet and wants to give it a deserving and “never-ending” representation in their home.

  • Materials & Dimensions

     Material: Special flexible material in a metal box.


    Small (round) kit: Diameter: 9 Centimeters / 3.5 Inch, Weight: About 100 Grams.

    *This small kit is suitable for small or medium pets.

    *This small kitcan also be used to take a baby's handprint.


    Large kit: Length: 16 Centimeters/ 6.2 Inches, Width: 9 Centimeters/ 3.5 Inches, Weight: About 140 Grams.

    *This large kit is suitable for large pets.

    *Using two large kits allow you to take an adult handprint.

  • Notes

    *This item is ready to ship within 3 business days from ordering.

    *learn more about taking your pet's paw print  using our special stamping kit - click here! 

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  • Processing

    1 - Purchase stamping kit and take your pet's paw print ccording to user instructions. 


    2 - Choose a design home decor product based on your pets paw print, from our new product line called Neverending. (You can also save the kit as is).


    3 - Send the kit to our studio. 


    4 - Your design product will be ready within 14 business days from the day we received your pet's paw print.

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