Your pet floral stand


A designed pet stand used to hang your pet's accessories or  pictures, decorated concrete flowers andwith your pet paw print, which is taken using a special stamping kit!


You can hang on the stand your pet's accessories, collar, pictures, or anything else you want.

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    We are proud to present our new product line called Neverending, which aims to give physical and tangible expression to our relationship with our beloved pet, one that has been proven to be beneficial and meaningful over the years.

    This pet floral stand is decorated with your pet's paw print (which is taken using a special stamping kit), making it a personal product that cherishes your pet your special relationship.

    This product is suitable for anyone who loves and cherishes his pet and wants to give it a deserving and “never-ending” representation in their home.

  • Materials & Dimensions

    Materials: Concrete, Clip, Screws

    • Height & Width:  15 Centimeters/ 5.9 Inches
    • Weight: About 500 Grams
  • Notes

    • This item is handmade, lovingly crafted, and is a unique and personal item.
    • We ship worldwide. IF your country is not listed - please contact us to give you pricing for shipping.
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  • Processing

    1 - Purchase stamping kit and take your pet's paw print according to user instructions.

    2 - Purchase this pet floral stand!

    3 - Send the stamping kit (with your pet's paw print) to our studio.

    4 - Your design pet stand will be ready within 14 business days from the ordering & from the day we received your pet's paw print.


    *learn more about taking your pet's paw print using our special stamping kit - click here!

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