Cone pendant necklace (Unisex)

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Is this exquisitely designed cone just a pendant? Well… it could also be used as a pendulum… you know, if you ever need one 😉


Concrete Color
Metal frosting Color
  • Materials & Dimensions

    Necklace Material: concrete & metal frosting leaf & Sterling Silver 925 / Gold plated 14k Curb Chain (will be matched to the metal frosting color of the pendant)

    Pendant Length: About 3.7 Centimeters / 1.4 Inches

    Pendant Diameter :Up to 2 Centimeters / 0.7 Inch

    Necklace Length:  (75 Centimeters / 29.5 Inches) 

    Necklace Weight: About 14 Grams


    Please note: this listing is for the one necklace only. Some of the photos show multiple items just to illustrate the colors available.

  • Processing

    This jewelry is ready to ship within 5 - 14 business days.

  • Notes

    • This Jewelry has been carefully hand - crafted. Due to the nature of concrete, no two pieces are exactly alike. Each piece has slight variances (bubbles/color). That is what makes each piece one of a kind.
    • All Jewelry Made to order.
    • All concrete items are protected by a special protective layer that protects the product from dirt and/or stains
    • We ship worldwide. IF your country is not listed - please contact us to give you pricing for shipping.
  • Necklace Type

    Sterling Silver 925/ Gold plated 14k necklace Curb Chain

  • Category

    Amulet Necklace, Black Pendant, White Pendant,Unique Necklace, Urban Necklace, Handmade Jewelry, Concrete Necklace, Concrete Pendant, Contemporary Necklace, Special Necklace, Beton Jewelry, Cement Jewelry, Beton Necklace, Cement Necklace, Geometric Jewelry, Modern Jewelry, Modern Necklace, Geometric Necklace

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