Car Set

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Start your engines!

Here is a car collection for all car lovers.


Concrete Color
  • Materials & Dimensions

    This set includes 7 concrete cars:

    3 Small cars: Old Citroen , Van and Rolls Royce

    Small Cars Length: 5.5 Centimeters / 2.1 Inches

    Small Cars Width: up to 3.5 Centimeters / 1.3 Inches

    Small Cars Height: About 2.5 Centimeters / 0.9 Inch

    Small Cars Weight: About 25 Grams


    3 Medium cars: Open Cooper, Beetle and Race - car 

    Medium Car Length: Up to 10 Centimeters / 3.9 Inches

    Medium Car Width: Up to 6 Centimeters / 2.3 Inches 

    Medium Car Height: About 4 Centimeters / 1.5 Inches

    Medium Car Weight: About 200 Grams


    1 Big Pontiac car

    Length: 13 Centimeters / 5.1 Inches

    Width: Up to 7 Centimeters / 2.7 Inches

    Height: About 4 Centimeters / 1.5 Inch

    Weight: About 340 Grams


    • mixed color set included 5 colors - red, blue, yellow, green, violet
  • Processing

    This item is ready to ship within 3- 5 business days.

  • Notes

    • This item can serve as indoor or outdoor decor.
    • This item has been carefully hand - crafted.
    • Due to the nature of concrete, no two pieces are exactly alike. Each piece has slight variances (bubbles/color). That is what makes each piece one of a kind.
    • All concrete items are protected by a special protective layer that protects the product from dirt and/or stains.
    • We ship worldwide. IF your country is not listed - please contact us to give you pricing for shipping.
  • Category

    These mini-sculptures car set is unique home decor housewarming gift, and It's the perfect for Man Gifts, Dad Gifts, Car Aficionado Gift, Car Collector Gift, and Special gift for Citroen lover, French lover, Rolls Royce lover, Pontiac lover and all car lovers.

    These beton sculptures have chic and modern design and they are beautiful gift Idea for interior decoration and house décor.

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