Special tile


Special concrete tile with concrete white star, with the following text: "Our Shining Star".

This special tile is a great gift for someone you love or a reminder of your special love. 

Commemorate a special moment, special experience or special relationship.





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  • Materials & Dimensions

    Material: concrete 

    • Length / Width: 15 Centimeters/ 5.9 Inches
    • Thickness: 3 Centimeters/ 0.9 Inches  
    • Weight: About 300 Grams
  • Notes

    • This item can serve as indoor or outdoor decor.
    • This item has been carefully hand - crafted.
    • Due to the nature of concrete, no two pieces are exactly alike. Each piece has slight variances (bubbles/color). That is what makes each piece one of a kind.
    • All concrete items are protected by a special protective layer that protects the product from dirt and/or stains
    • We ship worldwide. IF your country is not listed - please contact us to give you pricing for shipping.
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  • Processing

    This item is ready to ship within 3- 6 business days.

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