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Updated: Mar 11, 2019

Art and design have always had a special place in my life.

I’ve designed jewelry, drawn, painted and renewed old furniture, to name a few. I also embellished all the spaces I lived in with great love and care.

All along, art was on the sidelines, not part of my "real" life where I did "tangible" things to earn a living, survive and succeed.

When I met my partner, I encountered for the first time someone doing what he loved for a living and being very successful, I might add, doing only what he loves.

I, on the other side, studied Law and became a lawyer because "it is a real profession." But then I got a “zbeng” from the universe in the form of panic attacks that took away my joie de vivre. Coping with them I realized that I was not satisfied with my life. I didn’t like what I was doing. And it's not that I had a bad job, it was great. But, there was an empty hole inside of me and I became afraid of living with it the rest of my life.

And so, at the age of 31, I began to study interior design. I left my job as a lawyer and started working in design-related jobs. I ended up in a concrete studio, a magical place where I worked for 3 years. I even worked at an iron studio.

This journey was so satisfying and it made me so happy that about a year ago I decided it was time to create art, my art, for a living.

I never had a doubt it would be concrete art.

So, here we are today, I have my own studio where I design and create Koncrita items, such as small concrete sculptures, special gifts and concrete jewelry (women's jewelry and men's jewelry)

My products make people happy. They are suitable as a personal and intimate home decor, office décor, unique family gifts (for Mom or a gift for Dad). There are gifts that are suitable for couples, gifts for men and gifts for and of course, gifts for women.

Each product is suitable both for the interior of the house and for outdoor conditions - garden and yard.

The color of the concrete can be almost any shade the customer chooses, and the entire concrete is poured together with the paint so that the color is an integral part of the cast and will never come off the concrete.

My goal is to continue to create special and surprising designs with concrete, as they will say - it's a cool gift, and everyone wants a gift like that.

What is certain is that I feel that I am doing what I am supposed to do, which is very simple. Doing what I love.

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