Concrete Design

Updated: Jun 15, 2019

Concrete is among the most common materials around us. It is everywhere - on roads, on paths, in walls, in houses, on bridges. It can be mixed with many other materials and give tremendous strength to structures and surfaces.

Concrete has so many advantages in construction and industry – it's durable, it offers fire protection, it's readily available and more.

Since it is so widely used in these industries due to its toughness and roughness, it is surprising to discover that concrete can also be soft, elegant and warm. This is what makes it great to design with.

Today, concrete design is gaining momentum. Concrete is no longer used just as a strong protective outer shell, more and more concrete products are finding their way into interior décor.

With special and meticulous production techniques, almost any type of concrete products can be designed. Unlike in industrial production, the casting of concrete art produces unique pieces due to shade nuances and the pattern of air bubbles formed in each final product.

In the beginning of the creative process, concrete is so flexible and soft that anything can be done, it can copy any shape and design, however delicate, and give it a natural and stunning finished look.

Concrete design is taking over home decor, office decor and home goods. Concrete is even used in jewelry design giving it an edgy, industrial and original look. Concrete design products are such unique gifts!

The unique look of concrete design is innovative and exciting. It creates a surprisingly chic design that combines the industrial and urban aspects of the material with its elegance and warmth in a way it has never been done before.

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